About the Founder

Asha Gelle Dirie ,the founder and Executive Director of TAG Foundation, is a prominent Somali woman leader. She has in the past held senior posts in government as well as been a community mobiliser and civil society activist. From 1998 to 2008, Asha served as a Member of Parliament of Puntland State, representing the Mudug region. From 2005 to 2012, Asha served as the Minister of Women Development and Family Affairs [MOWDAFA] of Puntland. Asha’ s legacy as a Minister is the transformation of MOWDAFA from infancy to a vibrant and robust entity. This is owing to her astounding leadership qualities, determination to succeed in the male dominated domain of governance, and her dedication to the cause of women.

As a direct result of her relentless pursuit for women equity, MOWDAFA made indelible milestones setting a precedent on the socio-cultural and political arena. As the founder of TAG, Asha is determined to use her connections, experience and exposure to further promote the emancipation of women in Somalia.

About the TAG Foundation

Throughout Somalia, there is a feeling of optimism, a sense that it is time now to start building the blocks of peace –renovate and develop infrastructure, refurbish hospitals and erect schools, to teach our children what it means to be part of a democratic nation. Somali girls and women have borne the brunt of the past 22 years of statelessness. They have been silenced by war, by hunger, by poverty, by extremist interpretations of Islam, by patriarchal systems of kinship. All Somalis have a stake in a bright future, with women and girls being no exception. But after years of silencing, womankind will need assistance to stand up, to speak up and claim their rightful place in the new country. This is because societies that discriminate against women on the basis of gender end up paying with higher levels of abject poverty, slower economic growth, weak governance and lower living standards of their people.

This reality has also been recognized by the world community. In particular, the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 is an international legal framework that addresses the impact of war on women, and also the pivotal role women should and do play in conflict management, conflict resolution and
sustainable peace.


A society where men and women jointly develop and co-exist as partners and to live in a world where there is a social justice, equality and respect for women’s human rights.


TAG exists is to mobilize financial, human and material resources to support Somali women and their movements to advance women’s rights and gender equality. TAG Foundation believes if women are empowered with skills , information, sustainable livelihoods, this will yield opportunities to fulfill their potential capacity so as to contribute maximally to community development.

1. To develop programs for women and girls to promote increased participation in public life and decision-making; and advancement of women’s entrepreneurship.
2. To develop women’s capacity to organize, to create and strengthen civil society organizations, to raise awareness on gender issues and contribute to development through effective partnerships with men.
3. To contribute to information on gender issues in Somalia and provide technical expertise for integrating gender concerns into development.
4. To promote a culture of responsible and ethical leadership in Somali youth-male and female.